AMK Continous Variable Transmission (CVT)

AMK Continous Variable Transmission (CVT)

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Product features: 

  • AMK CVT consist of lightweight aluminium variator pulley
  • Can be directly mounted on 19.5 mm standard diameter crank of all racing and non racing engine up to 250 cc
  • Centrifugal masses of variator can easily be tuned by just removing single nut to specific engaging rpm.
  • Variator another face consists of gear on circumference to give provision of electric start for a recoil starting engine.
  • Driven pulley of AMK CVT consist of tension retainer with inbuilt spring and attached to a centrifugal clutch incorporated output shaft with provision of custom sprocket attachment.
  • Inbuilt centrifugal clutch help in transmitting peak torque as engine reach power result in rapid acceleration of vehicle.
Technical Specification
Bearing type Bigger bearing (6204), Smaller bearing (6201)
Centrifugal mass 0.142 kg
Number of masses 06
Driving pulley 0.82 kg
Driven pulley weight 4.405 kg
Eye to eye length between pulley 224 mm
Weight (Belt) 0.12 kg
Overall ratio 0.5 : 3.5
Weight 5.505 kg

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