Front Knuckle/Spindle (Go-kart)

Front Knuckle/Spindle (Go-kart)

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Product features:

  • Steel knuckle with 6000 DDU bearing
  • With tie-rod mounting plate

How to put it in vehicle:

  1. Punch front knuckle bearing which is suitable for as per the knuckle stub outer  diameter.
  2. Punch front knuckle in the wheel, first check for the outer side of wheel then install front knuckle, afterwards punch other bearing from outer side of rim (Use proper punching equipment to punch bearing otherwise it may get damage)
  3. After assembling front knuckle into wheel fasten it properly, use a seat washer before tightening lock nut.
  4. Assemble front knuckle into C - clamp of  vehicle or as per designed position of knuckle.
  5. Make sure steering rod end plates remains facing towards rear wheel.
  6. Stub hinge point must be punched with provided bearings upside down.
  7. Put washer before installing in between  C-clamp of vehicle then pass 10 mm bolt through it and tight it properly with lock nut.
Technical Specification
Suitable vehicle Go-kart
Stub axle diameter 17 mm
Bearing type 6000 DDU
Length of stub axle 3.5 inch
Weight 1.49 kg
Dimensions L: 6 inch, W: 6 inch, H: 3 inch

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