Disc plate 190 mm

Disc plate 190 mm

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Product features:

  • Direct fitment ready to install
  • Provides with better braking in dry as well as wet weather conditions.
  • A better and responsive system ensures you always brake with confidence.
  • Silver zinc plated for rust protection on non friction areas 
  • Slots increases stopping power by 15-20 % also increased cooling effect
  • Heat treated hence better protection against thermal cracking, juddering, and distortion

Product utility:

Hydraulic brake system utilizes calipers to compress pairs of pads against a disc rotor to generate friction which reduces the rotation of axle. This is done for to meet different purposes like reduce the rotational speed or to hold the axle stationary. The kinetic energy is dissipated through the discs.

How to put it in vehicle:

  • Disc plate comes with 3 point mounting holes with 10 mm bore.
  • These 3 holes must be put properly sync with the holes on hub and then assemble disc plate with the help of given 3 bolts ( these bolts will be provided with disc plate) make sure these bolts are properly fitted and hence product is ready to use.
Technical Specification
Suitable vehicle Go-kart, ATV, Quadbike and FSAE/SUPRA vehicles
Thickness 3.5 mm
Outer diameter 190 mm
PCD (for bolts) 80 mm
Contact patch area 3.75 inch square on one side
Number of mounting holes 03
Weight 0.560 kg

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