Kill switch push type

Kill switch push type

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Product feature:

  • Momentary normally open
  • Easy installation through screw terminals

Product utility:

Kill switch also termed as dead man's (since device is intend to stop a machine if human operation becomes incapacitated) switch finds its application in emergency stop or shutting off engine as a safety mechanism in an emergency situation.

How to put it in a vehicle?

  1. Install kill switch in an easily accessible position for driver, connect wires to engine, make sure the possibility of damage to wires or other wise short circuiting may result in engine damage.
  2. There are two type of blocks are provided along with kill switch, where red one is NO (normally open) and green one is NC (normally close), these are used to cut out the current and put engine off.
  3. Connect engine wires into respective blocks, check its working. If working in reverse way i.e. by pressing kill switch, engine is running then reverse the wires and check again.
Technical Specification
Suitable vehicle Go-kart
Power 12 volt DC
Width 1.5 inch
Height 3.5 inch

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Kill switch push type

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