Fire extinguisher 2 kg

Fire extinguisher 2 kg

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Product feature:

  • Disposable dry chemical 2 kg
  • Easy to read
  • Gauge shows the extinguisher's charge level
  • D.O.T approved
  • Powder coated cylinder for corrosion protection

How to put it in use?

  1. Remove the lever lock first and then face towards the direction of fire and press the lever on fire extinguisher.
  2. After use put lever lock back in its position and mount fire extinguisher to its mounting point or jack point.
Technical Specification
Suitable vehicle Go-kart, ATV and FSAE/SUPRA vehicles
Type UL rated :1-A, 10-B:C(ABC)
Weight 3.462 kg
Dimensions W: 10.5 inch, H: 14.5 inch

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Fire extinguisher 2 kg

Know the fire extinguisher:

                     Class A

                A Rating

                   Class B


                 Class C


Wood, Paper, cloth, trash, plastics

[All solids that can catch fire, except metals]

Oil, gasoline, grease, acetone, flammable liquids,            

[All gases that can catch fire]

Electrical Fires, energized electrical equipment fires

[Everything that is plugged-in]

The numeral rating for a Class ‘A’ fire extinguisher relates to the amount of chemical substance in the extinguisher. 

The numeral rating for a class ‘B’ fire extinguisher relates to volume (in cubic feet) that the extinguisher will be able to get rid of.


When "C" is present in the classification/UL rating, it indicates that non-conductive substances are present in the fire extinguisher, which means that it can be used on an electrical fire.


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