Manual Gearbox

Manual Gearbox

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Product features:

  • Rugged compact 4 speed manual transmission
  • Comes with wet multi-plate clutch
  • Including liquid gasket maker, gasket & open end spanner
  • Easy to install, no modification required

How to put it in a vehicle?

  • Mount the gearbox strictly according to competition rules and design attributes of vehicle with provided mounting holes.
  • Put clutch wire into clutch lever (copper colored ) and gear wires into shifter which is onto right side of gearbox (round shape part which consists of slots in which gear-wires are put).
Gear ratios
1st Gear 31.85
2nd Gear 18.7
3rd Gear 11.4
4th Gear 7.35
Reverse Gear 55.04
Technical Specification
Suitable vehicle ATV and FSAE/SUPRA vehicle
Max. input RPM 5000
Number of mounting holes 03
Material (Gears) Harden carbon steel
Material (Casing) Standard automotive gearbox cast aluminium
Weight 18.2 kg
Mounting hole size 02 holes with 10 mm inner diameter located on top of gearbox, 01 of 08 mm provided in front of gearbox

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