Centrifugal clutch

Centrifugal clutch

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Product features:

  • Self increasing clutch
  • Installed with 3 clutch shoes
  • Needle bearing with brass support
  • Extreme narrow design
  • Low maintenance, Lightweight
  • Copper bushing
  • No modification required

How to put it in a vehicle?

  1. Apply some grease on output shaft of the engine, then put key of 5 mm x 2.5 mm on engine's output shaft key-way.
  2. Apply some grease on the inner side of centrifugal clutch, Now orient it as such to properly sync both key-ways i.e. of engine & of clutch. (A 5 mm x 2.5 mm key-way is provided in centrifugal clutch housing which perfectly matches with engine shaft key-way)
  3. Gently punch centrifugal clutch on engine shaft, after punching it to extreme end of key-way, stop. (Advice: Use mallet hammer to punch centrifugal clutch)
  4. Tight centrifugal clutch with provided washer, bolt must be fine thread and  of 1 inch in length.(Bolt type: M8, i.e. with outer diameter of 8 mm)
Technical Specification
Suitable vehicle Go-kart
Installation shaft hole diameter 19 mm
Type P type (Asymmetric pivot clutch)
Pitch 10 mm
Teeth on sprocket 12
Number of Clutch Shoes 03
Weight 2.144 kg
Dimensions L: 6 inch, W: 6 inch, H: 3 inch

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